Spring has Sprung… at last!

After the coldest March for fifty years, temperatures are finally rising. Gardens seem to have been in suspended animation for months, but are now awakening.

In the pond too, things have been slow to get going. In many cases frogs have only just started to spawn in the last week – a month later than usual (and a full eight weeks later than the mild spring of 2007).

Now is the time to check that your pumps and filters are functioning correctly for the season ahead, and give the pond a bit of a tidy. Phone to book your maintenance visit.

As daily temperatures creep more reliably above 8-10C you can start to feed any fish, but be sure to pause if temperatures drop again. It’s wise to get some fresh food for the season, as old opened packs can soon become stale. You can read more tips on feeding fish on our help pages.

Waterfall lit by concealed light

Cascade with concealed lighting

If longer evenings encourage you to make more use of your outdoor space, why not add some garden lighting? Carefully sited lights can subtly illuminate waterfalls, fountains, trees, paths and ornaments.

Water Garden Solutions can fit safe and hard-wearing low-voltage lighting to transform your garden, just ask for details.


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